Exhibition introduction

【Exhibition Introduction】
Sponsored by China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, China Data Center Committee (CDCC), Shanghai Energy Conservation Association, and undertaken by Ronco Expo (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. "EPOWER2022,22st All Power and Energy Expo", scheduled for 15th-17th June 2022 Held at Shanghai New International Expo Center.At present, with the integration of new energy technology and information technology as the main symbol, the energy revolution characterized by high efficiency, cleanliness, low carbon and intelligence is booming. Through the use of technologies such as “cloud, big things, mobile, smart” to connect the energy supply side, demand side, energy storage, smart response, etc., to promote information interaction and integrated collaboration across the entire value chain of the energy industry, and achieve cleaner and more efficient energy use, production and operation More sophisticated and intelligent, more innovative and diversified consumer services, and build a new energy production and consumption model."EPOWER All Power And Energy Expo" is an important force to promote the progress of my country's energy and power science and technology. During the exhibition, the theme of "cross-border, integration and innovation" will be held in the "China Comprehensive Energy Service Industry Summit Forum" and "China Data Center Green Energy Conference" ”And many other theme forums and conferences, using innovative and developmental thinking to connect the current and future of electric energy, and through cross-border summit dialogue, explore the development direction of electric energy, and share key technologies and application experience.

【Last Review】
"EPOWER All Power And Energy Expo" is committed to building an "innovative, green, open, and sharing" power energy industry chain ecological platform, promote clean and efficient use of power energy, new technologies, new products, and new services, display the development results of power equipment, and promote the electrical industry Upgrade. After 20 years of brand cultivation and resource accumulation, "EPOWER All-Electric Exhibition" has developed into a relatively large-scale and widely influential annual event in the power and electrical industry, with high exhibition brand, exhibitor satisfaction and buyer recognition degree.
"EPOWER2020,The 20th All Power And Energy Expo" ended successfully on September 21 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. The three-day exhibition attracted 673 exhibitors and presented new products, new technologies and innovative solutions to 19,118 visitors in the 35,000-square-meter exhibition hall. Exhibitors and attendees at the exhibition site showed unprecedented enthusiasm, and strongly felt the power energy industry's good development momentum driven by technological innovation and intelligent transformation and upgrading.

Exhibition Scale

1,Power and energy related units: power grid companies, thermal power plants, thermal power plants, self-supplied power plants, new energy power plants, waste incineration and landfill plants; power distribution companies, power auxiliary market related units, power engineering, power construction, power operation and maintenance, distribution Electricity operation and maintenance units, charging pile operators, and power exchange operators.
2,Design Institute\Research Institute: Electric Power, Industry, Data Center Design Institute and related research institutes.
3,Energy conservation and emission reduction related institutions: contract energy services, energy source custody services, integrated energy services, energy conservation transformation services, energy conservation consulting, testing and certification, investment and financing institutions.
4,Equipment and technology suppliers: distributed power generation\microgrid, photovoltaic system integration engineering company, wind energy\natural gas and biomass energy power generation engineering company; energy storage equipment and technology supplier, energy storage power station engineering company; energy system integrator; energy Operators, EMC energy-saving service providers, energy-efficiency management solution providers; energy-saving equipment and technology suppliers; electrical complete equipment manufacturers, electrical appliances traders, electromechanical equipment installation companies.
5,Large-scale electricity \ energy consumption units: metallurgy, petrochemical, rail transit, coal, cement; telecom operators, data center computer rooms, base station towers; airports, ports, stations, universities, parks, hospitals, commercial complexes, industrial parks, Landscape architecture, government affairs center, livestock breeding and agricultural industrialization enterprises


Exhibit Profiles
1. Power Internet of Things innovative achievements and cases; distributed smart grid application technology and demonstration projects; smart charging station innovation achievements and demonstration projects; incremental distribution network business, regional energy operation optimization services, combined cooling, heating and power technology and demonstration projects; more Complementary and micro-grid technology and construction.
2.Clean energy power generation technology and equipment; new energy and renewable energy centralized power generation and distributed power generation equipment and technology; energy storage systems and technology and equipment; charging equipment and power supply solutions; power retail and energy management; energy big data and applications; Energy financial services, etc.
3.Power intelligent technology and applications: smart power plants, virtual power plants, intelligent fuel operation, intelligent main engine power generation, intelligent power generation operation and maintenance, three-dimensional modeling; intelligent dispatch, intelligent monitoring and control; power transmission and transformation equipment status monitoring device; Intelligent evaluation, diagnosis and condition maintenance technology; intelligent disaster prevention and simulation technology; transmission line image recognition, transmission channel visualization, drone, robot intelligent inspection, transmission circuit intelligent detection; substation unattended, intelligent security, substation monitoring image recognition , Substation inspection robots, intelligent detection of substation equipment; intelligent distribution network operation and maintenance, intelligent distribution substation room, intelligent monitoring of distribution equipment, intelligent monitoring of cables/overhead lines; integration of purchase and sales, intelligent marketing of distribution networks, intelligent power sales market Related technology applications and products such as transactions and incremental power distribution.
4.Electrical Equipment; circuit breakers, fuses, resistors, transformers, lightning arresters, inverters, vacuum circuit breakers, relays and protections, harmonic and arc extinguishing devices, power quality management, compensation devices, capacitors, transformers, Reactors, transformers, voltage stabilizers, rectifiers, voltage regulators, isolation switches, load switches, box-type substations, DC power cabinets, ring network cabinets, gas-filled cabinets, power distribution cabinets, power distribution boards, bridges, bus ducts, cable bridge components , High/low voltage switch cabinets, high/low voltage complete sets of equipment, DCS, PLC, inverters, touch products, wires and cables, connectors, terminals, insulating materials, explosion-proof electrical appliances, motors, electrical instruments and meters and other electrical equipment and electrical equipment .
5.Building intelligent systems and applications, smart building power supply and distribution systems and products; building energy-saving management systems and products; data center facilities and equipment and energy-saving technologies; heat pump technologies and equipment; industrial energy-saving, contract energy technologies and equipment; best energy-saving and emission reduction Application cases and exhibition area for new technologies and new products.


Participation procedures

1,Apply to determine the booth area and advertisement placement, sign the participation contract, and pay the participation fee as required;
2,"Exhibitor Handbook" will be issued 2 months before the opening of the exhibition (including: registration notice, booth decoration instructions, hotel reception, exhibit transportation instructions, trucks entering Shanghai, etc. service instructions);
3,The exhibitors will email the company logo, company profile, honor and qualification pictures, product profile and parameters, customer application cases and other information to idcexpo@ronco.com.cn after completing the exhibition procedures, so that the exhibition organizer can carry out pre-exhibition promotion .

How To Reach

Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)

ADD:No.2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China

Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) is located in Pudong New Area of Shanghai and easily ccessible.
Ways: Bus, metro and maglev
Public Traffic Station: Longyang Road
Walk: Around 600 meters from station to the SNIEC and it takes about 10 minutes to walk from the Longyang Road Station to the SNIEC.
Metro Line 7 is direct to SNIEC at Hua Mu Road Station whose exit 2 is close to Hall W5 of SNIEC.
.SNIEC Location Map     .Shanghai Metro Network Map