Exhibition introduction

Started in 2000, "EPOWER China" adheres to the concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and shared development, is committed to promoting the popularization of new models, new practices, new technologies, new products and solutions for clean and efficient use of power and energy and deepening application. After nearly two decades of brand cultivation and resource accumulation, it has become a good platform to display the development results of electrical equipment and promote the transformation and upgrading of the electric industry, possessing a high degree of exhibition brand, exhibitor satisfaction and buyer awareness!

A green-oriented transition of energy is a key measure to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, accelerating the breakthrough of key technologies of new power system, and supporting new energy as the main body of the new power system construction, which have become the mission and responsibility of energy and power industry enterprises in the new era. In order to promote the collaborative innovation of the whole industrial chain and value chain of power and energy and promote the integration of "double chain", the 24th EPOWER China, hosted by China Electrical Equipment Industry Association (CEEIA) and organized by Ronco Expo (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 25 to 27, 2024. The exhibition focuses on the future of power and energy, builds an industrial ecological platform, and presents new products, new technologies, and new applications in power generation, transmission,power transformation, distribution, power consumption,dispatching, communication and other links to help the high-quality development of electrical equipment.

The 23rd EPOWER Exhibition combines high-quality resources such as emergency power generation, transmission and distribution, energy storage, and LNG to create a deep, vertical and breadth interconnected industrial joint exhibition, with the participation of 1,024 enterprises from 19 countries and regions to build a cross-border and mutual integration ecosystem. The three-day exhibition attracted 34,082 professional visitors from 57 countries and regions, including 1,506 overseas buyers, with a total of 89,569 visitors; 19 themed forums and new product launches were held on site.

Invite professional visitors, build effective platform:
1,Internet data center, data center design and planning institute, Date Center construction unit;
2,Livestock breeding enterprises, coal mines\oil fields, highways, geological exploration, field engineering, hospitals, petrochemicals,rail transit, commercial complexes, factories\industrial parks, mechanical and electrical equipment installation companies,power stations\power plants, port\ ships, aviation\aerospace, Gardens\Municipal engineering;
3,New energy power generation contractors, energy storage power station contractors, new energy operators, EMC energy-saving service providers, electric power research institutes and design institutes, smart and green building technology integration units,landscape\architecture\lighting engineering units;
4,Electrical equipment dealers, electrical appliances\hardware mechanical and electrical traders, power generation equipment leasers.

Exhibition Scale

1,Power and energy related units: power grid companies, thermal power plants, thermal power plants, self-supplied power plants, new energy power plants, waste incineration and landfill plants; power distribution companies, power auxiliary market related units, power engineering, power construction, power operation and maintenance, distribution Electricity operation and maintenance units, charging pile operators, and power exchange operators.
2,Design Institute\Research Institute: Electric Power, Industry, Data Center Design Institute and related research institutes.
3,Energy conservation and emission reduction related institutions: contract energy services, energy source custody services, integrated energy services, energy conservation transformation services, energy conservation consulting, testing and certification, investment and financing institutions.
4,Equipment and technology suppliers: distributed power generation\microgrid, photovoltaic system integration engineering company, wind energy\natural gas and biomass energy power generation engineering company; energy storage equipment and technology supplier, energy storage power station engineering company; energy system integrator; energy Operators, EMC energy-saving service providers, energy-efficiency management solution providers; energy-saving equipment and technology suppliers; electrical complete equipment manufacturers, electrical appliances traders, electromechanical equipment installation companies.
5,Large-scale electricity \ energy consumption units: metallurgy, petrochemical, rail transit, coal, cement; telecom operators, data center computer rooms, base station towers; airports, ports, stations, universities, parks, hospitals, commercial complexes, industrial parks, Landscape architecture, government affairs center, livestock breeding and agricultural industrialization enterprises


Exhibit Profiles
1,Intelligent technology and application of electric power smart power plant; virtual power plant; intelligent fuel operation; intelligent host power generation; intelligent power generation operation and overhaul; 3D modeling; intelligent scheduling; intelligent monitoring and control; monitoring device for equipment condition of power transmission and transformation; intelligent evaluation diagnosis and condition maintenance technology; intelligent disaster prevention and simulation technology; image recognition of transmission lines; visualization of transmission channels; drone; robot intelligent inspection; intelligent detection of transmission circuits; unattended operation。
2,Power transmission and distribution and control equipment
Transformers, rectifiers, inductors, transformers, ballasts; power capacitors, capacitor installation; high-voltage circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers, high-voltage switchgear, high-voltage load switches, disconnecting switches, high-voltage fuses,lightning arresters, voltage limiters, current suppressors, high-voltage explosion-proof distribution devices (such as plugs, junction boxes, etc.) and other high-voltage distribution switch control equipment; low-voltage switchgear, low-voltage circuit switch。
3,Intelligent management technology and application of electricity
Energy management system, energy metering management system, online monitoring of energy consumption, safe electricity management system, electrical energy management
systems, intelligent electric energy metering management system, building energy。
4,Clean and renewable energy power generation technology and equipment Micro-energy grid and regional energy, integrated energy service solutions; intelligent building power supply and distribution system and products; building energy-saving management system and products; data center facilities and equipment and energysaving technology; energy audit, construction of energy management system and training,energy saving audit, carbon verification, energy finance and other new electric power models, new commercial activities, new services and innovative achievements.



1,The 4th Integrated Energy Service Industry & Electric Power User-side Technology Development Summit;
2,China Data Center Renewable Energy Technology Summit;
3,Seminar on Application of User-side Energy Storage Technology;
4,Seminar on Opportunities and Challenges of Amorphous Alloy Materials in the development of Power Electronics Industry
5,The 2nd Flow Battery Technology Development Forum
6,Seminar on opportunities and challenges of electrical equipment manufacturing industry in the digital era

How To Reach

East Hall (No.3 Entrance Hall) of Shanghai New International Expo Center
(#2345 Longyang Road, Pudong Shanghai)

1 From Pudong International Airport
Metro: Take metro Line 2 to Longyang Road Station
Maglev: Just 8 minutes from Pudong International Airport to Longyang Road Station, departures every 15 minutes.
Bus: Airport Line 6 or 3 to Longyang Road Station
Taxi: About 32 kilometers from Pudong International Airport to Shanghai New International Expo Center
2 From Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station
Metro: Take metro Line 2 to Longyang Road Station, or transfer to line 7 from Longyang Road and get off at Huamu Road
Taxi: About 28 kilometers from Hongqiao Airport to Shanghai New International Expo Center
3 From Shanghai Railway Station
Taxi: About 16 kilometers from Shanghai Railway Station to Shanghai New International Expo Center
Metro: Take metro Line 1 to People’s Square, then transfers to Line 2 to Longyang Road Station, or transfers to line 7 from Longyang Road Station and get off at Huamu Road Station
4 From Shanghai South Railway Station
Metro: Take metro Line 1 or Line 3, and then transfers to Line 2 to Longyang Road Station, or transfers to line 7 from Longyang Road Station and get off at Huamu Road Station
Taxi: About 21 kilometers from Shanghai South Railway Station to Shanghai New International Expo Center